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Garment Care


Soft and fessibile, is the oldest textile fiber. It is more resistant and bright than cotton but has less elasticity. 

Hygienic and hypoallergenic does not retain odors, does not attract dust and is very breathable. 

Thanks to the high thermal conductivity, the fabric is extremely cool. With washing it becomes softer and more valuable. 

With less environmental impact than cotton, it bears well parasitic attacks and requires a limited use of pesticides, but has clear production costs.

How to wash linen?

Linen becomes softer and more absorbent after each wash, which is pretty neat. Wash linen on low temperatures in lukewarm or cold, and preferably soft, water. Use the gentle machine cycle and a mild detergent to protect the fibres. Read the individual manufacturer’s care instructions to be sure.

Do I need to iron linen?

No! Yay! There really is no need to iron linen garments, unless they have become really crushed. In fact, we love the inherent natural creases and crumples – they are what give linen its drapey, relaxed, soft feel. But if you love ironing, or have an item that really needs pressing, iron while the fabric is still damp. Use a medium-hot iron on the steam setting.